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Thank you for making contributions to open source. Hacktoberfest #9 2022 has now ended.

>> Boot Dialogue: System paused until 2023

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A special thank you to the great people at DigitalOcean, Appwrite, Docker, Novu, RapidAPI, and Devtron for their partnership and support of Hacktoberfest. We couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you to our Community Partners, we <3 you!

Keep contributing to open source. We look forward to seeing you for Hacktoberfest 2023!

- The Hacktoberfest Team :)

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Prepare to Hack

Hacktoberfest is for everyone. Whether it’s your first time—or your ninth—it’s almost time to hack out four pristine pull/merge requests and complete your mission for open source. Join other members of the open-source community on the Hacktoberfest Discord.
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Now is the perfect time to prepare for Hacktoberfest. Get a jump start by finding projects to contribute to, adding the ‘hacktoberfest’ tag to your projects, or familiarizing yourself with Git.

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New for 2022

Hacktoberfest isn’t all about code. Anyone who writes, designs, tests, mentors, or organizes offers much needed support for open-source projects all over the world.

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Support Open Source

Open-source projects, maintained by community-minded coders, make the modern internet function. Supporting that essential work, and the folks behind it, is what Hacktoberfest is all about.

You have skills that can help keep these projects continue running—let’s get to it.
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